Primary Literacy Programme – Reading and Writing (PLP-R/W)
Our school participated in PLP-R/W organized by the NET Section of the Education Bureau. Students from primary 1 to 3 will attend lessons in the school’s English room periodically. The lessons are taught by the NET, local teachers and the classroom assistant. Officers from the Education Bureau will also arrange school visits to discuss the details of the curriculum and provide ongoing professional support.

Developed the school-based curriculum with the Education Bureau
To enhance our school-based curriculum, our school had participated in the support programme held by the Education Bureau. We optimized our school-based task sheets from primary 2 to primary 5 so that the process of teaching and learning could be further enhanced.

Reading Lessons
Reading lessons are incorporated from primary 4 to 6 so as to develop students’ reading habit. Teachers also design activity sheets and e-learning materials for group work to enhance collaborative learning.

Speaking and Listening Lessons
Besides reading, speaking and listening are also one of the communicate skills students should master. Therefore, our school also incorporates speaking and listening lessons for students in key-stage 2. Students get more chance to interact with the native teacher during the English lessons.

English Assemblies
Our school holds English assemblies every Tuesday and Thursday. Each class has an opportunity to perform on stage so as to boost their self-confidence. The assemblies also provide chances for students to interact in English.

In coherent with the schools’ e-learning plan, the elements of e-learning will be emerged in primary 4 to 6 so as to strengthen classroom interaction and carry out instant feedback. As observed in the previous year, students’ motivation has been greatly enhanced and they enjoyed learning English with e-learning materials.

The core values of Catholicism
To promote positive attitude towards life, our school will incorporate the five core values of Catholicism into the curriculum. Bible stories will be taught in English lessons for students to learn not only the knowledge of English but also the spirit of the stories.

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